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Pacific Airgun Expo


100 Placerville Drive

Placerville, CA 95667

Event contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why an Airgun Expo?

Attendees: The Pacific Airgun Expo is intended to bring together all segments of the airgunning and airsoft community including; vendors, dealers, importers, manufacturers, customizers, repair, collectors, accessory dealers, as well as new and experienced airgunners.  Here you will find  assistance with repair, appraisal, accessories, or airgun purchases.   Learn about airgun shooting and competition.  We encourage people to bring in grandpa's old pellet gun, get it fixed, see what it is worth, sell it, or trade it in on a new model.  Two days of buying, selling, trading, shooting, learning about or displaying airguns.  

Vendors: The Pacific Airgun Expo primarily exists to educate the shooting sports public about the airgun community.  By exposing people to airgunning, Pacific Airgun Expo hopes to bring more people into the sport which will allow the vendors and manufacturers to to grow their market and be able to continue to bring their cool stuff to market.  Without the vendors and manufacturers our sport by necessity remains small, so it is our biggest goal to bring new people into the sport thereby supporting the people that make and sell the stuff we need.

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Guest Speakers Speakers Table



Martin Orro andHank Elwood

Airgun Historian

demonstrating and discussing their replica Girardoni Austrian military rifle and Lukens (Philadelphia) rifles in .375 and .457 caliber.

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Randy Bimrose

master airgunsmith

These classes sold out last time, so if you are interested, make sure you sign up early.

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Event Features Fun for the whole family! Deals! Learn!

See the Airguns!

All the major players in the airgun industry represented!  Airgunning has grown up!  See the modern level of powerful airguns shooting 9mm and larger in semi auto repeater powerful airguns!

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Learn Where

Learn where to shoot airguns, from how to do it safely and quietly in the back yard, hunting, and the variety of competitions available.

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See a museum for sale!  Collector airguns galore!  Learn what's rare and what's valuable!  Get that old gun repaired!

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How You Can Help



Help grow our industry with your attendance.  Plan on coming and pre-order your table as soon as they are available.

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Airgun Community at Large

If the Paciific Airgun Expo is successful at bringing new airgunners to the market, our manufacturers and vendors thrive and will be able to continue to give us the goodies we need.  You can help by buying a ticket even if you don't plan on attendiing.  You will be helping to support your favorite hobby.  Thank you!

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