Seller’s Permit: California state law requires a valid California Seller’s Permit for each and every person or company who sets up at the Pacific Airgun Expo. If you do not have a regular Seller’s Permit you may obtain a Temporary Seller’s Permit at any California State Board of Equalization Office or you can call them at 1-800-400-7115 or access their web site at  Resale numbers for California are mandatory. As far as I know it is not my job to check if you have one, I'm just putting on here the info the real gun shows have on their web site for your edification.

You can review this information:

and the signup page is here:

No discharging of air.  No shooting of guns.  This is mandated by city ordinance and fairground rules.  The PAE is not a fun shoot.  It is a swap meet/trade show.  There is a very close by gun range for shooting.

All guns must have their triggers tied back or the action otherwise zip tied to indicate it is safe.

Attendees that want to bring airguns to trade/sell must have their action checked at the door.  It is recommended that you have a sign/tag hanging from the gun that it is available for trade/sale while walking around so people see it.


Firearms.  This is an airgun show.
Pornographic materials, drug paraphernalia, items glorifying Nazism, items offensive to the general public.
Loaded airguns
Black Powder/Smokeless powder
Alcoholic beverages
Tobacco Products
No raffles


All pepper spray must be bubble wrapped
The following items must be approved for sale by the show manager and the concessionaire: food and candy
Laser scopes may only be operated by vendors and only pointed at the ceiling.